Dolní Počernice II

An extraordinary location near the golf course and one of the future largest leisure parks in Prague calls for an extraordinary project. Right now, we are launching the second stage of the successful residential project in Dolní Počernice.

We offer 62 lucrative sites in Prague 9 for new houses. In addition to the sites with the size between 302 and 903 m2, you may also choose from 12 types of ready-made low-energy and passive houses (in preparation).

Select a site in Dolní Počernice and live in a beautiful location, a few minutes away from Prague!

Tandem Modřany

Rise from your bed, stretch your legs and go cycling, play a tennis match or just take a nice walk. That’s exactly what the residential project Tandem Modřany in Prague 4, now in progress, offers. The project, part of the reconstruction of the former chocolate factory area in Modřany, consists of two modern residential houses. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful housing just a few meters away from the Vltava river bank, next to a bike and inline trail, and with perfect traffic accessibility from the center of Prague.


About SGRE

The main activity of Sekyra Group (SG) Includes real estate investment and development of both commercial and residential properties. Professional services group are mainly used by international corporations, domestic and foreign investors and buyers or tenants of residential units.


Sekyra Group has been active on the Czech market for 19 years. Now it is one of the leading property development company with a portfolio that includes a variety of successfully implemented projects for residential and commercial use. Group built the headquarters for companies such as the Czech Savings Bank, Nestle, T-Mobile, Skanska, or National Technical Library. SG has also built or reconstructed about 7000 bytes. In these days of SG prepares its most important projectsof major development areas: Rohan City, City Smíchov and Žižkov City.


Eleven years ago, Sekyra Group has entered into the segment of public buildings with a project of the National Technical Library. Upon completion in 2009, the library acquired Building of the Year Award and the Jury Best of Realty.

The Group is also a founding partner of the Czech NGO Building Council Green, whose main mission is this: to encourage market transformation, public education and promotion, expert training, cooperation with public administration, communication between candidates and introducing certificates of environmental buildings.

Since 2017 FEBIOFEST become our partner.


22. 02. 2017
Žižkov City

It’s clearer now!

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 experts from the National Heritage Institute and other relevant institutes inspected the Freight Station Žižkov. Based in the evaluation of this inspection, they will specify the parameters of the revitalization of the cultural heritage.

We will then join forces to find the way to preserve the genius loci of the historical building, enabling at the same time its modern and comprehensive revitalization.

20. 02. 2017
Smíchov City

Take a look at a few pictures from the themed walk “Modern history and architecture of Smíchov“, which took place as a part of the Prague 5 Day.

On Sunday afternoon, about thirty participants took a walk with architect Petr Kučera through Smíchov, from 14. října Square all the way to the Smíchov Railway Station.

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