rohan city - Location

We like to say, with a certain level of hyperbole, that living on Rohanský Island is like living in the country, yet with all advantages offered by a city. A river, greenery, peaceful environment – all in the center of Prague. Just look up, and you’ll see the Prague Castle skyline.

Rohanský Island panorama

Where is Rohan City growing up?

New apartments, shops and offices will grow up at the borders of distinctive communities of Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň, on the Rohanský Island. At present, this place is a typical brownfield, vacant and unused territory that’s still waiting for its development.

Just have a look how will Rohanský Island look in a couple of years.

Rohanský Island will also be comfortably accessible by public traffic. The subway stations Invalidovna, Palmovka and Křižíkova are just a few minutes away, and so are several tram and bus stops.

How will the whole neighborhood change

  • Three separate areas – Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň – will naturally interconnect due to the Rohan City project.
  • Rohanský Island will come back to live. Apart from hundreds of apartments, there will be shops, restaurants, offices, or even a kindergarten.
  • The genius loci will be supported by a renovated river arm.
  • The adjacent embankment of the River Vltava and the island itself can be used for leisure time purposes – there will be parks, a bike trail and a golf course.


Interested whether the new buildings will be as “green” as the whole Rohanský Island? Have a look at the details of the architectural solution.