rohan city - About project

A unique view of the Prague Castle, a tight connection to the Vltava River, greenery and comfort housing in the city center. This is what’s now created in the project of the residential, office and commercial center Rohan City at the borders of Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň.

  • Location: Prague 8, Rohanský Island
  • Area: 200 000 m2
  • Planned start of the construction: 2018
  • Current status of the project: the planning permit procedure



Rohan City in the architect’s view

Eco-friendly and comfortable. That’s how the new housing on Rohanský Island will look like. It features low-energy apartments with perfect inner microclimate, low operational costs and useful practical inner division.


Rohan City architectural solution

A new green heart of Prague

The location is what makes the project Rohan City so unique. It’s located at the borders of Karlín, Invalidovna and Libeň, in the neighborhood with strong atmosphere, in a tight connection to the Vltava River, offering magnificent views of Prague.

Still, it’s very easy to forget you’re in the city center. That’s because Rohan City consists of the continuous greenery with water spots and lots of leisure time areas.

Rohan City

We, however, don’t forget about crisis situations either. The Rohan City project proved itself well during the recent major floods – the ground floor is 1 to 1.5 m above the safe limit of the flood control levee.

For the detailed information on the location of Rohan City, visit the Location section.

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