smíchov city - Location

The typical feature of Smíchov City will be the mix of the bustling city center and the peaceful greenery around, both current areas and new parks. The new neighborhood will naturally follow up on the current urban structure.

The newly designed alleys along new streets in Smíchov City will provide nice shade, and improve the microclimate in this part of Smíchov. Also available will be all kinds of services you could ever dream of.

Location of Smíchov City

Where will Smíchov City be built

New apartments, offices and shops will be built at the current place of the Smíchov Freight Station. The old warehouses and rails will be replaced by a new neighborhood limited by streets Ostrovského, Nádražní, Dobříšská and Radlická.

Even now, you can already reach Smíchov without any problems, and it will be even better in the future. The building of Smíchov City involves the construction of the new transport hub between the railway station and the new bus station, P+R parking, underground station and tram stop.

How the location will change

  • Smíchov City will restore the disrupted connection between the surrounding hills and the bank of Vltava River.
  • The railway buildings and parts of the rails will be replaced by modern urban areas with the new infrastructure and green alleys.
  • The traffic accessibility will be improved by the new transport hub.
  • Smíchov will also get more than two hectares of parking places, and office areas will be separated from the residential ones by busy streets.


Are you interested how the new area will maintain the spirit of the place, and how new buildings will look in the current areas? Look at the details of the architectural solution.