smíchov city - A development project in Prague 5

The new Smíchov City office, commercial and residential project will transform the locality of Smíchov Station into a multi-functional district full of greenery. Urbanists and architects were inspired in their designs by traditional 19th century cities, but they improved them for the 21st century. The new district will consequently offer quiet housing, modern offices and all the necessary community facilities.


  • Locality: Prague 5, Smíchov Station
  • Area: 200,000 m2
  • Planned construction start date: 2019
  • Current project status: Project preparation





The project will offer housing here for approximately 3,300 residents, in addition to nearly 190,000 m2 for services, shopping and offices, which will provide a modern environment for 9,000 jobs. The plan also includes a park of an area of approx. 14,000 m2, i.e. an area comparable to the Waldstein Gardens, and a longitudinal park with a 28 m functioning as a pedestrian zone, like la Rambla in Barcelona for instance, and 600 m long.


The design by the Kuba & Pilař architekti won the architectural competition for design of the buildings for the 1st phase of the Smíchov City district, and Haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, Chalupa architekti + A.L.T, Architekti, Lábus – AA – Architektonický ateliér, D3A and Projektil architekti, were recommended as additional collaborating architects. All the aforementioned subjects a cooperating on preparation of the 1st phase of the project, in order to assure the requisite architectural diversity.

Idea of I. phase Smichov City by Haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050


Smíchov City from an architect’s viewpoint


Modern housing in the centre of Prague with excellent transport access, while surrounded by greenery. If we wanted to describe Smíchov City in a single sentence, then this would be it.

  • Smíchov City is based on a new traffic solution. Long-distance and suburban bus lines will be moved from Na Knížecí Square to the area by the crossroads of Radlická and Dobříšská streets. This will create a complex transport terminal with a large-capacity P+R car park.
  • The main thoroughfare of the whole area will be the pedestrian boulevard, edged by trees, with views towards Prague Castle and Saint Wenceslas Church between the new South Terminal and Na Knížecí Square.
  • Thanks to the 1.4 hectares of park and the new avenues edging the newly designed streets, Smíchov City will become a green district. It will be not only a more pleasant place to live, but will also contribute significantly to reducing air pollution.
  • The new district intends to cover the areas vacated by the railway. The new houses will maintain the height level of the existing development and also the prescribed distances. Views of Hradčany, Vyšehrad and other landmarks will be accented in the Prague panorama.


The A69 architekti studio is the author of the urbanistic plan for the whole Smíchov Station area. The plan became a basis for modification of the development plan No. 2710/00, which was approved in May 2014 by the Municipal Authority of the Capital City of Prague.


Become acquainted with the details of the project or view the first visualisation.


Modern housing in the centre of Prague


The main motto when creating the Smíchov City project was to restore housing to the centre of Prague, where it traditionally belongs. Approximately twice as many residents lived in Smíchov in 1961 compared to the numbers today.

Living in the centre affords a wide range of cultural opportunities, all the requisite community facilities nearby and also romantic walks along the Vltava River.


Look for functional division of Smichov City


  • Moving the bus parking areas from Na Knížecí Square will provide space for construction of buildings of social importance (a concert hall, market, etc.).
  • The new bus terminal and P+R area adjoining the station will create a fully integrated transport node in this area (P+R parking, bus, underground, trains and trams).
  • The administrative buildings will create a natural barrier between the busiest streets and the residential buildings. The residents’ comfort will not be disturbed.
  • The new district will also have all the requisite community facilities, shops and services in the area edging the newly established boulevard. Additional non-residential areas will be available in the extension of Stroupežnického Street. The goal is to create a live city, as is familiar in central Karlín, former Smíchov, Vinohrady, Vršovice, Holešovice, Žižkov or Dejvice.
  • Residents in Smíchov City will no longer have to spend so much time commuting or travelling to shops on the edges of Prague; future residents will be able to take care of everything either by foot, on their bike or by taking the tram a few stops.
  • A fully-fledged elementary school (9 classrooms) and a nursery school (6 classrooms) are planned in the dominant location on the intersection of the park and the boulevard.
  • Greenery will also replace the existing empty storage areas and railway tracks. New roads are intentionally designed to be wider, so that all the designed streets will be edged with trees on both sides, which is of aesthetic and hygienic signficance.
  • The residential houses will meet the highest standards for urban housing - from comfort to economy. Buildings will meet low-energy standards at least, but there will also be passive buildings. Offices will be certified according to the international BREEAM or LEED systems without exception.
  • Residential blocks will be divided into individual houses, the size of which will correspond to blocks of flats in a traditionally built city. Each of these houses will be designed by a different architect, in order to guarantee sufficient variety.
  • The authors of the 1st phase were chosen on the basis of an independent international architectural competition: Kuba&Pilař architekti, Haascookzemmrich STUDIO 2050, Chalupa architekti + A.L.T. Architekti, Lábus – AA – Architektonický ateliér, D3A and Projektil architekti, who will be credited with revival of the city area adjoining the bus station on Na Knížecí Square in the future.


Visualisation of Kuba&Pilař


Read the detailed information about the locality, where Smíchov City will be built.

  • I. etapa Smíchov City
  • Rezidenční bydlení ve Smíchov City
  • Nový vzhled ulice Nádražní naproti pivovaru
  • Nový boulevard s výhledem na Pražský hrad
  • Pěší boulevard s živým parterem
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  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-01_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-01a_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-01b_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-02_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-02a_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-02b_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-03_800x600.jpg
  • SM├ĚCHOV-CITY-JIH-05_800x600.jpg