smíchov city - PARTICIPATION

Participation usually means the process that gets people involved in town-planning, including the design of public areas.

There are various methods to achieve this – inquiries, surveys, interviews with local residents, public presentations of projects, public meetings focused on town planning, workshops etc.

This way, people can express their views and wishes related to public areas. Now there’s a chance for you to do the same!

Participation and SMÍCHOV CITY

In the Smíchov City project, you will have the opportunity to take part in designing its future public areas and amenities. Given it’s a private developer project, this approach is rather a unique in the Prague context.

The participation in the Smíchov City project is realized under the auspices of Petra Kolínská, Deputy Major for Development, and is based on the cooperation between the Prague Institute for Planning and Development that provides expert support for the project, City District Prague 5 and Sekyra Group.

We have presented the idea of participation at the event Architecture Week in September 2016. The real participation started with the opening show of the project aimed at the public space in the Shopping Center Nový Smíchov, in November 2016. The whole exhibition was attended by assistants who explained the project to the locals, and helped them answer the questions in the pilot inquiry. Once more, we’d like to thank everybody for joining up.

See the video shot about participation in Czech language below.


The updated schedule of all our activities can be seen on the website of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development: www.iprpraha.cz/smichov-city (available in Czech language).

Soon the City District Prague 5 will establish a website informing local residents in detail on activities they can directly join (such as meetings focused on planning, themed walks, discussions, inquiries etc.) and on their results.

You can also look forward to the exhibition aimed at the public space in the Smíchov City project, in the Little Gallery of Prague 5. The exhibition will take place in April and May 2017, and will give you another opportunity to share your views.

We’ll be happy to inform you on other activities in the news section of our website.



To join the participation activities is a great opportunity to share your views, ideas and feelings, simply and effectively, in terms of the new neighborhood and the related issues.

All ideas will be assessed, and, as much as possible, incorporated into the project documentation of the future Smíchov City. The final design of public space and amenities in Smíchov should therefore correspond to the views and wishes of local residents.

Right now, you can take part in building a good neighborhood for you to live, work, have fun, and relax. And not only for you but for your children and future generations.

Do you want to wake up every day with a feeling you’ve helped build a new and beautiful place in your neighborhood? Then get involved!