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Project name: Savoy Apartments
Špindlerův Mlýn
Completion of construction:
IV. Quarter 2008




A place with history

The Savoy Apartments are being built on the spot where the Hotel Krone was established in 1881 by Josef Erlebach. The Savoy brand was established in 1942, as the hotel was visited especially by spa guests at that time. The new multi-functional Savoy residential project offers top-class housing with magnificent views of the Krkonoše mountains, as well as top quality commercial areas and the services of the same name. The hotel services are offered to the residents of Savoy Apartments.

Maintaining a traditional feel

The Savoy Apartments project is designed as a 5-storey building with 5 independent sections, A to E, with separate entrances. The building's architectural design is founded on an effort to make the best possible use of traditional materials, especially wood, which is a typical feature of mountain resorts. The project's unique quality is underscored by the combination of colors it uses, primarily based on a contrast between the colors of the wood and the light facade on the one hand and the structure's granite base on the other, which give the building its unquestionable air of luxury. In front of the 5 storey building is Hotel Savoy.

Maximum comfort:

The Savoy residential project offers top-class apartment units, designed to meet the requirements of modern trends in housing. The maximum use of the residential space is highly emphasized. Each apartment has at least one indoor parking stand on the first underground floor of the building.

Commercial and Hotel space:

The ground floor of Savoy Apartments will offer the residents, as well as other visitors, opportunities for leisure, shopping and services. The stylish and suitable commercial spaces will give the project a new dimension, and will help meet the requirements of the clients demanding full service.

The hotel Savoy continues with its tradition that dates back to the early 20th century. The customers will be offered the choice of 37 rooms with 80 beds. Each room is designed for 2-4 people. The hotel will also offer wellness services such as sauna, whirlpool and massage. The ground floor will also offer two restaurants. Of course, the hotel services are offered not only to the hotel guests but also to the residents of the Savoy Apartments.

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