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ADDRESS : Vorařská, Praha 4 – Modřany



ARCHITECT: Prof. Ing. arch. Ladislav Lábus, Ing. arch. Marek Chalupa, Ing. arch. Štěpán Chalupa


The residential project Riviéra Modřany in Prague 4 – Modřany follows up on the successful 1st stage of the residential complex. It consists of five houses surrounded by greenery, with 5 aboveground floors each.

Due to its perfect location, this project offer housing in the open area of the river valley, with attractive views to the landscape across the river, Chuchelský Forest, or the Berounka Valley. The houses are in direct contact with the park at the Vltava bank, with the adjacent bike trail and other sport areas. For more information on the location, see here.



The project Riviéra Modřany consists of four residential houses with 50 apartments, and one residential house with 79 apartments. The size of the apartments varies from 30 to 100 m2, from 1+kk to 4+kk. Each apartment is fitted by a spacious balcony. The apartments come also together with roofed parking stands. Families with small kids can park the prams in the shared pram-room.


Energy-saving compact houses MINIMAX

Riviéra Modřany consists of the houses of the MINIMAX type, based on the 3 essential concepts: compact, concentrated, and with hybrid design of a residential house.

The typical feature of a compact house is a least possible area of outer cladding, leading to lower thermal losses; eventually, this results in lower operational costs.

A concentrated house consists of a single “core” shared by a higher number of apartments, while the scale of the building remains unchanged.

The hybrid design of a residential house combines the classic features of corridor and balcony design, and offers benefits of both. In the middle, a spacious staircase hall is built – an internal atrium lit by daylight, creating nice and safe internal environment. The internal areas are light and simple, with no dark corners, so you can feel safe at all times.


Why live at Riviéra Modřany

  • High standard of housing in modern low-energy houses
  • Well-thought design and spatial arrangement from 1+kk to 4+kk
  • Parking stands and spacious balconies
  • View to Vltava and Berounka Valley
  • A lot of greenery and leisure time activities in the surroundings
  • Full civic amenities in the neighborhood of Modřany
  • Excellent traffic access to the center of Prague


Interested in the project Riviéra Modřany? Feel free to leave your contact, and let us inform you on the project development.


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