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Look at a peaceful park straight from your bedroom window. Work out on the nearby golf course, and live at low energy cost in the low-energy or passive houses built in the 2nd stage of the project in Dolní Počernice!

  • We offer 62 lucrative sites for new houses
  • The size of sites varies between 302 and 903 m2
  • For your convenience, we’ve also prepared a study of 12 types of model houses in the low-energy/passive standard.



The project follows up on the successful 1st stage: the low-energy villas U Golfu.

A new street Okružní will be built in Dolní Počernice, passing the whole neighborhood in a gracious arch from the east to the west, crossing the prolonged street K Zámku.

  • A broad greenery area will be adjacent to the K Zámku Street. In the future, this greenery zone will be connected to the projected leisure-time park U Čeňku between Dolní Počernice and Černý Most.
  • The park will divide the location to the eastern and western part. To the west there will be detached houses, the eastern part will mainly feature semi-detached houses.


The future design of houses in Dolní Počernice

The way your house will look is up to you. According to the planning permit, the only obligatory features are two floors and the floor size between 100 and 215 m2.

  • All sites will be fully fitted with all utility networks, including water pipeline, sewers, gas pipeline and power lines. The points of connection will be installed at the borders of the sites.
  • For those interested in larger areas, some sites may be merged.


Interested in a house or a building site in Dolní Počernice? Leave your contact data with us, and we’ll contact you with details.

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