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10. 04. 2017
Dolní Počernice II

It’s official: The sites from the 2nd stage of the Dolní Počernice project are sold out!

We’ve been selling the sites for three years. Meanwhile, we have built the infrastructure, roads, paths, planted trees etc. And we became familiar with the amazing and diverse environment in the picturesque Dolní Počernice neighborhood.

We're happy that all the sites have finally found their owners. This way, we would like to thank all our clients for their confidence, and wish them good luck in their further pursuit of their dreams of their own housing. The next stage involves building of the house.

Whatever it may seem, we're not finished yet. Right now, we're preparing the next, 3rd stage of the project. Once the master plan changes, we will be able to offer additional 30 sites near the golf course Black Bridge. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed – just watch this space!

Author: Šárka Jaklová