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18. 05. 2018
Rohan City

A guided tour and presentation of the Town Planning Study of the Rohan City project in Fast Good Rustonka – May 17, 2018


We would like to thank all the participants who attended the yesterday’s guided tour, followed by the presentation in the Fast Good Rustonka restaurant.

At 5 PM on Thursday, the amazingly large group of 70 people gathered in front of the Invalidovna underground station, to meet the representatives of the investor, local government, and the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, and also Mr. Hnilička, architect and the author of the Town Planning Study. Mr. Hnilička then guided the participants through the area of Rohanský Island, and used various documents and the regulation plan to explain everything that’s related to this vast area.

The tour took approximately an hour, and then all the participants went to the nearby restaurant with refreshments and a presentation. In the beginning, the historical development of the project was presented, from the first ideas of the famous architect Jan Gehl in 2007, via the change of the master plan (2012) to the new Town Planning Study with regulations explained by architect Pavel Hnilička.

The presentation also included the panels describing the project, so the participants could learn about the history of the project and about the town-planning concepts; also featured were the main drawings, the concept of public spaces, and the description of the Stage 1 of the Rohan City project – section B.

The representatives of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development presented the concept of the riverbank. The visitors could leave their comments and ideas on the panel or flipchart, and they also could choose the riverbank concept and amenities they liked the best. We would like to thank everybody for their contributions.

The evening was concluded by Q&A and group discussion with the experts.

We would like to thank everybody for joining our meetings, and for their inspirational ideas. We wish to involve citizens in further stages of the project, too. We're looking forward to future meetings.


If you couldn’t participate directly at the meeting, never mind – presentation and presentation panels in czech HERE:










Author: Šárka Jaklová